We Are the Buffalo Areas First Virtual Food Hall Ghost Kitchen

With years of experience cooking in some of the area's best restaurants, our chefs are excited to present their vision to you of freshly prepared and creative dishes across several culinary concepts.


What is a Ghost Kitchen?

A Ghost Kitchen also called a Dark Kitchen, Cloud Kitchen, or Virtual Kitchen comes in many variations. Many are simply a warehouse divided into several small kitchens, typically 250 to 400 SF and rented to a chef or restaurant that prepares the food and uses delivery companies such as, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub. 

At Mercado Kitchens, we handle it differently. We work with local chefs or restaurants to help them expand their brand by top-selling menu items that travel well to be offered in our Mercado Kitchens. Our cooks prepare the food under the supervision of our trained chefs. We also develop our own food concepts which are available in our Mercado Kitchens. We are a virtual food hall where customers can order across several restaurants and have one delivery or pick up.